Resilient Architecture Metrics
For a few decades now, electronic systems have been used in vehicles to implement features that we today take for granted, e.g., anti-lock braking systems (ABS), wireless key locking, electronic opening/closing of windows. During the last decade, electronic systems have been the enabler for advanced safety systems, such as automatic crash detection and braking, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist systems. Run in isolation, such systems would require little cybersecurity considerations, however, as vehicles nowadays have many different exposed interfaces and external communication possibilities, e.g., Bluetooth connection to mobile phones, GPS and Internet connection for navigation with real-time traffic updates and future remote software update capabilities, vehicles need to be designed with solid security architectures. Not only is it needed to prevent attacks to vehicles, but also to continue function under attacks, hence, a resilient vehicle design is required where safety-critical functions can sustain cybersecurity attacks and continue to function, to a certain degree, to prevent injuries to drivers, passengers, and surrounding people.

The scope of this Master Thesis work is within resilient vehicle design investigating the efficiency of different resilience mechanisms for maintaining the system functions, even under attacks. The work is conducting within the scope of the CyReV (Cyber Resilience for Vehicles) research project and includes:

  • - surveying metrics for quantifying the efficiency of resilient mechanisms in vehicle designs,
  • - inventory of tools to evaluate resilience mechanisms, and
  • - implement some resilience mechanisms to evaluate their efficiency.

RISE is located both in Borås and Gothenburg and the location for this work can be discussed

Who are you?
We are looking for one or two master students interested in automotive cybersecurity. Candidates should have taken courses in computer and network security.

Welcome with your application!
If this sounds interesting and you want to know more, please contact Pierre Kleberger, Dependable Transport Systems Unit, RISE ( or Åsa Olsson, Dependable Transport Systems Unit, RISE ( Last day of application is May 26th, 2023.

First day of employment According to agreement
Salary According to agreement
City Borås or Gothenburg
County Västra Götalands län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2023/135
  • Pierre Kleberger,
  • Åsa Olsson, +46102284643
Union representative
  • Lazaros Tsantaridis, SACO, 010-5166221
  • Bertil Svensson, Unionen, 010-5165356
Last application date 26.May.2023 11:59 PM CEST

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