Augmented reality (AR) are becoming more and more ubiquitous in a variety of fields. One area is to use AR to provide services for people with disabilities. The present project is intended to study the visual and optical conditions of a speech-to-text system using Augmented Reality. People who have hearing disabilities have difficulties managing in social situations and understanding speech in conversations is often a problem.

AR is a way to ameliorate these difficulties. We aim to build a prototype for AR glasses that will provide speech to text information for people who are deaf or have hearing disabilities. Thus, we want to 1) investigate basic principles, (2) implement an experimental set-up, and (3) create a prototype for an AR-based speech-to-text system.

These Master theses will have challenging, exciting and humanistic directions, since the results will enable people with hearing problems to take fuller part in society. The solutions will also be useful for applications in other domains, not directly linked to disabilities. In the future, a similar system can also be used to translate a foreign spoken language, with the resulting translation displayed on the glasses.

As a first step the building stones of the prototype will use commercially available products for AR glasses, microphone and speech-to-text software. The issues in this project are suitable for a joint thesis work of two persons working simultaneously or for two independent thesis works.

One of the proposed master thesis will be directed to program and implementing a system solution, integrating the technical components to a functional prototype system that can be tested in a minor scale.

The second proposed master thesis can be done in conjunction with the first thesis, but here the emphasis will be on conducting tests with test persons, and the subsequent statistical analysis. Both perceptual and physical dimensions should be analyzed. The studied variables could e.g. be text size, character design, text placement in the visual field, background pattern, background color, static vs dynamic background and focus distance to the text as well as aspects of auditory comprehension and comfort.

Project and remuneration
The thesis projects will be carried out at RISE’s premises in Kista. An 19 670 SEK remuneration will be paid at completion of the work.

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Do you want to know more? Contact Kjell Brunnström, Senior Scientist, Technical Area Manager Visual Media Quality, +46 (0)70 841 91 05. Last date for applications is the 15th of March.

Master thesis, Augmented reality, Kista, RISE

City Kista
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 2020/49
  • Kjell Brunnström, +46 (0)70 841 91 05
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